Political and Administrative Structure

Bukedea district has two counties of Bukedea and Kachumbala with the following sub counties; Bukedea, Kocheka, Bukedea Town Council, Kidongole, Koena, Kolir, Aminit, Kamutur, Malera, Kabarwa, Kangole, Aligoi, Kachumbala, Kongunga Town Council, Komuge, Kwarikwar. The district is run by three arms of the government of which the central government is being represented by the office of the RDC, DISO, DPC,GISOs. The other arm being the politically elected leaders and they comprise of the District council, Executve and Committees.The last arm being the Technical arm headed by the CAO with the Heads of departments and section plus LLGs structures all being under the supervision of the CAO.